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Network of Biological Collections of Paraná

Microbiological Collections
 Zoological Collections
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I General Week of NAPIS.
The Government of Paraná, through the Araucária Foundation and the Superintendency of Science, Technology and Higher Education,
(a) invites you to attend the General Week of New Arrangements for Research and Innovation (NAPIs), which will be held from the 12th to
16/12, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm.
The event will be broadcast via Araucária's YouTube channel:
For more information click HERE


The identification of natural enemies is essential for successful pest management. The Coleoptera Research Laboratory - LAPCOL has developed studies with insects of agricultural interest in the western region of Paraná, consequently feeding the Entomological Collection of the Palotina Sector - CESP.
The video aims to introduce the techniques for assembling ladybugs from a study of the population fluctuation of Coccinellidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) in an orchard.
Watch the video by clicking HERE

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The legacy of botanist Gerdt Guenther Hatschbach

The collection of the Municipal Botanical Museum contributes to the discovery of new species.

For more information click HERE 

Presentation to Fundação Araucária by the General Coordinator of NAPI Taxonline, Dr. Luciane Marinoni, with the results of the actions developed in the different areas of activity.

Access the presentation document by clicking HERE

Watch the presentation by clicking HERE


NAPI Taxonline holds a workshop presenting the  project results and perspectives.

Watch the presentation by clickingHERE


NAPI Taxonline shares are featured in the discovery and preservation of biodiversity. Read more by accessing the news below: 

NAPI Taxonline achieves excellent results from actions to combat Covid to the discovery of more than 230 species. Click HERE

Biological collections gain new perspectives with NAPI Taxonline. Click HERE

Base for biodiversity: network of researchers discovers more than 230 species. Click HERE

Microbiology, zoology and botany materials were gathered online and received resources from the Araucária Foundation. ClickHERE



NAPI Taxonline was invited to present the activities it carries out as a Network of Biological Collections in the state of Paraná. The presentation took place at the Fundação Araucária stand during the 75th SBPC Annual Meeting, held in Curitiba.

Access more information about the event HERE

Check out the main news related to NAPI Taxonline below:

Contribute to evaluating the relevance of NAPIs by completing three online forms to evaluate expected results:
a)  Contribution to Paraná’s competitiveness:
b)  NAPIs sustainable development indicators: 
c)   Contribution of NAPIs to CT&I in Paraná: 


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Collections and Research

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Biological collections preserve the history of our biodiversity, helping us to assess its distribution in time and space. It is in these spaces that researchers and environmental service providers can consult and study the collected materials, helping the country to responsibly appropriate its natural resources.
Museum collections and collections are important for several areas of knowledge, such as biology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, geology, biogeography, ecology, conservation and management of natural resources, climatology, medicine, biotechnology, toxicology, legislation, among others.



Universidade Federal do Paraná

Centro Politécnico, Setor de Ciências Biológicas

Av. Cel. Francisco Heráclito dos Santos, 210, Jardim das Américas Postal Box 19020, CEP 81531-970, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.


Phone: (41) 3361-1764


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